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Beijing Harmony Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd.
Registered address: Jingfenghe B207, No.8 Xinjiekouwaidajie,Xicheng District, Beijing
Code: 100088
Business address: Beijing harmony project research and development base, Xituo Village, Changping District, Beijing
Code: 102206
Tel: 086-10-84956928
Fax: 086-10-84956928-808
Manager: Janson Han
Tel: 0086-13811989488
QQ: 359259048
E-mails: han_jsh@hotmail.com
Exporting Manager: Rachel Xue
TEL./WhatsApp.: 0086-13521763328
E-mails: 961444065@qq.com
Importing Manager: Li Xu
TEL./WhatsApp.: 0086-15101094948

address: Changping District Of Beijing west tuo village harmonious weiye project base. Tel/Fax:+86-010-84956928 Mobile:+86-13811989488 E-MAIL:han_jsh@hotmail.com Zip code:102206
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